The Caucasus Mountains • 6–8 weeks • Summer 2025 • Status: Open
Team Name: Mountain Team, River Team • Language Focus: Kartvelian – (20 hours a week)

The Caucasus Mountains boast almost every beauty a traveler might dream of: snowcapped mountains guarding clear lakes, alpine meadows, canyons painted by flowers, palm coasts, and ancient caves. The country you will visit in the Caucasus region provides a soft landing for both short-term and long-term workers, as one-year visas are available upon entry. Although this country is a Christian (Orthodox) country, there are opportunities to serve among five Muslim unreached people groups in the region, which include the Kist, Antsukh-Avar, Bezhta, Azeri, and Persian. This country provides an environment to serve on a team in a variety of ways and prepare for a lifelong adventure ministering to the peoples of the North Caucasus.


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