Discover Your Role in Missions

Short-Term Trips with Frontiers provide long-term vision and long-term skills for cross-cultural work. Our Immersive Language Learning Internships provide strategic language learning from local Muslims, mentoring from an experienced missionary team, and opportunities to connect with the community.

And through daily interactions with locals, prayer, and Bible study, you’ll begin to have a clearer answer to the question, “How will I engage in God’s mission?”

Watch this video to see how Kaitlin’s short-term experience shaped her understanding of unreached peoples.

So, Why Language Learning?

Regardless of where you end up going, having the foundational skills of language learning will benefit you.

Statistics show that workers who learn the language fluently are ten times more likely to see churches planted than those who don’t. Spending even six weeks on this crucial task will help you jumpstart the language learning process if you go long-term—even if you don’t end up in the same country!

Short-Term Trips

Northwest Africa

Northwest Africa spreads from the Atlantic Ocean to the border of Egypt. The clash of oceans, mountains, and the vast Saharan Desert make this region unlike any other in the world.

The Arab Gulf

Journey to the region where Islam was founded nearly 1,400 years ago. The historic heritage blended with modern advancement makes for a rich cultural experience for any traveler.

South Asia

South Asia is a heady fusion of colors, languages, and flavors. Home to megacities filled with numerous people and people groups, it has become a strategic center for missions.

Middle East

The Middle East is the spiritual heartland for Muslims everywhere. While there, you’ll experience the vibrant and diverse culture and witness how God is moving in this region.

The Caucasus

The Caucasus Mountains boast almost every beauty a traveler might dream of: snowcapped mountains guarding clear lakes, alpine meadows, canyons painted by flowers, palm coasts, and ancient caves.