Road to the Field

Learn the steps involved in getting to the field.


How Do I Get to the Field?

If you’re considering long-term missions, you may be wondering what the process looks like for getting to the field.

In the early days of Frontiers, whenever someone received the call from God to go, they were put on a plane, told to “figure it out when you get there,” and write back their report every few months!

Today, things are a bit different. We’re more deliberate in how we evaluate and prepare our workers, but the goal remains the same—to send out workers who will thrive on the field.

While the path is different for everyone, here’s our process for getting people to the field.

First Step

The first step in the process is, well, the First Step form.

It’s a no-obligation form that expresses your interest in going overseas. By filling it out, you’re not locked into going with us, you’re just saying you’re interested.

The form takes around 15-30 minutes to fill out. It asks for basic things like contact info, but also includes some short answer questions related to your testimony and what you’re thinking in terms of long-term missions.

After submitting the form, someone from our Mobilization Team will reach out to schedule a call and connect with you directly. That leads us to our next step!

Mobilization Coach

We provide coaching throughout your process. The first coach you will get is a Mobilization Coach who will help provide education, equipping, engagement opportunities, and encouragement along your journey.

Assessment Interview

Your Mobilization Coach will conduct an Assessment Interview to gauge your field-readiness in a variety of categories of spiritual health, relational dynamics, ministry experience, finances, and physical/mental health. Successful interview will result in an invitation to receive the Long-Term Application.

Long-Term Application

You will receive access to your Long-Term Application via the Frontiers Portal once the Mobilization Coach approves you to move forward in the application process. Application deadlines are as follows: February 15 (for June Candidate Schools), June 15 (for October Candidate Schools); and October 15 (for February Candidate Schools). Plan to spend about three to four hours completing this application. When you return your LTA, you will be assigned a FieldPrep Coach to walk you through the Candidate process, help you with team placement, and provide additional coaching.

Candidate School

Candidate Schools are offered three times each year (February, June, and October). Your Field Prep Coach will be part of your assessment team that will be evaluating you for field readiness as provide options for any additional training needed before going to the field.

Finding a Team

Some team profiles are available through the Frontiers Portal. Other team options are also available through your Field Prep Coach and/or Regional Strategy Coordinators. You may choose to focus on a particular region, people group, or a specialty type of ministry expertise (if desired).

Joining a Team

Each Team Leader has a Memorandum of Understanding and Vision Strategy Paper for the ministry they are doing among their people group and location. You will need to find out which team fits your needs best when reviewing team options. Sometimes, the Team Leader would require you to go out on a vision trip to see how well you might fit into their team.


Successful launch requires that you are fully approved by Field Prep Department and accepted by a Team Leader to join his/her team. You are also required to raise your personal support with a funding goal to be determined by your future Team Leader. Certain milestones must be met before purchasing airline tickets and making preparations for launching to field assignment. Additional guidance will be provided by your Field Prep Coach.