Northwest Africa • 6-8 Weeks • Summer 2025 • Status: Open
Team Name: Coastal • Team Language Focus: Western Arabic – (20 hours a week)

Northwest Africa (commonly called the Maghrib) spreads from the Atlantic Ocean to the border of Egypt. The clash of oceans, mountains, and the vast Saharan Desert make this region unlike any other in the world. Many empires have risen and fallen in these lands throughout the last 3,000 years. Though none remain today, the Islamic belief system still dominates the hearts and minds of millions of people across multiple countries.

You will visit a country steeped in art and culture. The tumultuous history of French occupation has greatly influenced the people there, and French is still the second most commonly spoken language after the local dialect of Arabic.

Immersed within the Amazigh peoples (formally called Berber), you’ll join the ongoing work to reach this people group of more than 20 million. Learning the language in this region will open doors to engage with the Amazigh and others in the area. 


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