About the Region

The Türkiye/Balkans region has been a key area for both Islam and Christianity for over a thousand years. Many ancient cities of the New Testament are located in modern day Türkiye—cities that millions of unreached Muslims now call “home.” 

Despite past wars and high political tension, there are still many opportunities within these breathtaking countries. Türkiye is in need of aid workers to serve the millions of Middle Eastern refugees living within its borders. The Balkan peoples are looking for hope and truth as their countries navigate recently established governments.

Quick Facts

Missional Opportunities


Spiritual Climate

As the cradle of early Christianity, Türkiye has a rich spiritual history. Many biblical events took place here. But today, less than 1% of the population is Christian, and many Turks embrace an identity that opposes Christianity. In the Balkans—where ethnic, cultural, and religious divides have fueled wars and bloodshed—the hope of healing feels like a far-off dream. Meanwhile, Islam appears to be on the rise as extremists from other countries seek to recruit young people to radical causes.