Southwest Asia

About the Region

Located between India and the Middle East, Southwest Asia is a land of arid deserts and rugged mountain frontiers. The region has a complex history that can still be seen in its architectural ruins.

But Southwest Asia’s real treasure is its people. They are tirelessly welcoming and famously generous. Their ready hospitality is especially remarkable when framed against the battered backdrop of ongoing political instability that has plagued the region for generations.

But as people grow weary of failing political, social, and religious solutions, more Muslims in Southwest Asia are asking questions, seeking truth, and finding hope in Christ.

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Spiritual Climate

Islamic practice dominates life throughout Southwest Asia. But heavy-handed strategies to enforce religion have left many Muslims disillusioned with Islam.

Coupled with increasing water scarcity, food insecurity, and unemployment, this widespread disenchantment has left many searching for hope that truly lasts.

In the midst of uncertainty, God is opening hearts to the Gospel, and more Muslims in Southwest Asia are putting their faith in Jesus Christ.