North Africa

About the Region

The sprawling coastline of North Africa is home to hundreds of millions of Muslims. But in the time of the early church, this region nurtured thriving Christian communities.

Multicultural and forward thinking, many young people in this historic region feel jaded with the religious, political, and economic status quo. This has fostered a new spiritual openness as North Africans search for lasting hope, meaning, and purpose.

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Spiritual Climate

In the seventh century, waves of Arab Muslims swept across North Africa, dramatically altering the spiritual landscape of the region.

But long before Islam’s arrival, Christianity flourished in the region. North Africa was once a theological center of the early church, and some of the most influential believers of the time came from this desert region.

Today, millions of North Africans live where there is no tangible witness for Christ. For them to ever hear the Gospel, someone needs to bring it to them.