Middle East

About the Region

As the birthplace of Islam, the Middle East is the spiritual heartland for Muslims across the globe. And while history has preserved much of its ancient culture, the landscape is changing quickly—both physically and spiritually.

Villages have transformed into ultramodern cities and new economies are joining the global market, welcoming tourists and expat workers alike. Yet all of this is happening amidst a refugee crisis, making aid workers just as valuable as the high-rise STEM experts. No matter your background, opportunities abound in this once culturally isolated region.

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Spiritual Climate

The Middle East is the theological center of Islam and wields significant influence throughout the Muslim world. Spiritual transformations within this region carry the potential to ripple into Muslim communities across the globe.

As the Middle East navigates sweeping economic transformations and political restlessness, hearts are opening to the Gospel. More Muslims than ever are discovering Jesus and turning to Him. Once seen as an impenetrable Islamic stronghold, the Middle East is now home to several growing movements of faith in Christ.