Central Asia/Caucasus

About the Region

Following the ancient Silk Road, the Central Asia/Caucasus region covers a vast terrain. Throughout history, this region has seen a succession of empires. The peoples who have survived these waves of conquest are fiercely independent and hold to deep-rooted traditions of honor and hospitality. 

Traditional ways of life are the everyday experience for many people—whether they live in modern cities or rural villages. Nomadic herders still wander desert expanses, and an untold number of communities lie hidden in mountain enclaves. Many of these peoples and places remain completely untouched by the Gospel. This region is perfect for adventurous workers with a heart for the overlooked.

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Spiritual Climate

The peoples of the Central Asia/Caucasus region have endured centuries of occupations and conquests. Their survival has forged in them a fierce pride in their ethnic identities—yet many harbor deep bitterness over past wounds.

Many Muslims in the region feel increasingly disenfranchised by society, and some governments face growing concerns over Islamic extremism. Christ came to heal the hearts of these people—but most won’t have a chance to hear this message unless His followers go and bring it to those who have never heard.