Middle East Region

From the cedars of Lebanon to the deserts of Arabia, this land of genuine hospitality offers unparalleled opportunities to make an impact that could influence the rest of the Muslim world.

Türkiye/Balkans Region

A crossroads of cultures and a bridge between continents, this region of mountains and seas has held strategic importance throughout ages of empires, conquests, and ethnic divides.

Southeast Asia Region

With its unlimited adventures, perpetual smiles, and more than 10,000 islands, Southeast Asia is a famously beautiful region with a dynamic spiritual landscape.

South Asia Region

The homeland of over a billion people, South Asia is a region of dazzling diversity, trailblazing adventure, and famously welcoming people who are always ready to make instant friends.

Southwest Asia Region

A land dominated by complex socio-political dynamics, Southwest Asia is home to ancient civilizations, stunning landscapes, and endlessly hospitable people.

Central Asia Region

Combining breathtaking mountain scenery, a history of epic conquests, and the legendary Silk Road, this land is one of the most culturally diverse regions of the world.

Sahel/Sub-Saharan Africa Region

Stretching across a continent of varied landscapes, Sahel/Sub-Saharan is made up of expressive, tenacious, and friendly people who have survived eras of conflict and famine...

North Africa Region

A land of jasmine-scented coastlines and stunning desert landscapes, North Africa is home to hundreds of millions of Muslims. But in the time of the early church, this region nurtured thriving...