Türkiye/Balkans Region

About the Region

Surrounded by seas and studded with mountain ranges, the Türkiye/Balkans region has been a contested land throughout history. As the stomping grounds of the former Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires, the region is dotted with world-famous ruins and architecture. A major power in the Muslim world, the country of Türkiye is home to the largest population of refugees on earth. The country has welcomed millions of displaced persons from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. Many of these refugees are open to the Gospel. Along eastern Europe lie the Balkans—an area of breathtaking beauty and ethnic diversity. Devastating wars involving parts of the former Yugoslavia have torn communities apart and left deep wounds that have yet to heal.

Quick Facts

Spiritual Climate

As the cradle of early Christianity, Türkiye has a rich spiritual history. Many biblical events took place here. But today, less than 1% of the population is Christian, and many Turks embrace an identity that opposes Christianity. In the Balkans—where ethnic, cultural, and religious divides have fueled wars and bloodshed—the hope of healing feels like a far-off dream. Meanwhile, Islam appears to be on the rise as extremists from other countries seek to recruit young people to radical causes.


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