Southeast Asia Region

About the Region

A land of volcanoes, rivers, and seas, Southeast Asia boasts dramatic scenery and legendary beaches.

Many of its islands have impenetrable mountainous interiors. Because of this, traveling by boat is just as common as traveling over land, and some communities are most easily reached by sea.

Much of rural Southeast Asia is covered with wild jungles, rice paddies, and coffee farms. Fertile soil, nourished by ash from past volcanic eruptions, makes agriculture a key part of the regional economy. Most farms are small, family-owned operations.

Beyond its farming communities, Southeast Asia’s megacities brim with activity and innovation. As the finance, trade, and investment sectors grow, the region is finding a secure place in the global economy.

Quick Facts

Spiritual Climate

Muslims in Southeast Asia hold a complex mix of beliefs informed by Islam, folk traditions, and animism. Even devout Muslims often pray to ancestral spirits and make sacrifices to ward off curses. Many live in constant fear of evil.

The number of Christians in Southeast Asia may be small. But the potential for partnering in the Gospel is great. As God moves in the hearts of local believers, more national churches are eager to be trained to share Christ among the region’s least-reached Muslim communities.


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