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How might your life be different if you started with the question: "Why not me?"

L did and it changed her life dramatically.

On this webinar we’ll hear from L, a field worker with experience in North Africa. Throughout her life she has been passionate about sharing the gospel and teaching. She also felt God calling her overseas from an early age, but for over 40 years, the timing never seemed right.

Then, in 2014, she and her husband decided to take a step of faith. They closed the doors to their business of 20 years, sold everything, and found themselves in North Africa.

There they served the local poor among a few different unreached Muslim people groups for 5 years before returning home where they continue to stay connected with their team back on the field.

In this webinar, she'll be sharing about:

Who We Are

Frontiers is working to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples among Muslim peoples who don’t know the saving message of Jesus Christ.

Our global priorities focus on the peoples and places with the least access to the Gospel. To this end, we work to recruit, train, and send teams of workers to live in Muslim communities and bring Christ’s message to those who have yet to hear it.